Property Tax Experts, Inc., Our Knowledge will SAVE you Time, Money, and Aggravation

You may be able to SAVE and receive an actual refund check back from the county Tax Collector Office in the hundreds if not tens of thousands of dollars.

Real Estate Taxes are one of the highest operating expense in the operation of your property or business. You can lower this expense by appealing the assessed value of your property(s). Now a day, your dollars are safer in your “wallet” than in the hands of the government. PROPERTY TAX EXPERTS, INC. has the professional know-how, the experience and the ability to achieve a successful appeal.

A successful appeal is the end result of the pairing up with you the property owner and Property Tax Experts, Inc. Together we can create a case with the collection and analysis of the evidence (rent rolls, tax returns, appraisals, photographs, etc) and then presenting the evidence necessary to conclude with a successful appeal before the Special Magistrate (“judge”).

I implore you, as the property owner to come and participate at the actual hearing, as you know your property better than anyone else. The Special Magistrates does appreciate the presence of the property owner. Many times your presence and in-depth knowledge of your property does translate into a successful appeal.


The County Tax Collector mails out the annual tax bills on the first week of November. You can pay you taxes anytime between November and March 31st of the following year. Generally, if you pay your real estate taxes in November you can enjoy a 4% discount off of the gross amount of the taxes due; December payment allows you a 3% discount off of the gross taxes and likewise in March there is a 0% discount if paid. April 1st, real estate taxes become delinquent.


If you paid your real estate property taxes in full before April 1st and you have prevailed at the hearing, you will receive a refund check for overpayment of taxes which is the difference between what you paid in real estate taxes and the adjusted amount of taxes based on the commensurate reduction in assessed value (market). Your refund amount will reflect the 4% discount

If you have not paid your real estate taxes before (let’s say) March 1st and had a successful Value Adjustment Board hearing; you will be sent a new adjusted tax bill based on the decision of the Special Magistrate. You have only 30 days to pay the adjusted amount, before penalties and interest start accruing.

If you have not paid your real estate taxes and have not yet had a hearing by (let’s say) March 1st, then you will be required to pay 75% of the gross taxes owed by April 1st. If 75% of your gross taxes are not paid by April 1st then your petition will become void and you will not be allowed to discuss your case before a Special Magistrate.

If you paid 75% by April 1st your petition will be allowed to go forward toward a hearing. The remaining 25% due will be paid after an adjustment and based on the decision of a Special Magistrate. If you wait for a hearing (after April 1st) before you pay the 25%, you win the appeal, you get credited with the 4% discount. You will be charged interest at a rate of 1% per month until paid if you do not pay the adjusted bill after the 30 days requirment. (likewise the county will pay you interest at the rate of 1% per month until paid for the refund due you; starting from April 1st). For all property owners who have a successfull appeal,and have a balance of 25% – a bill will be sent to you reflecting any adjustment made by the Special Magistrate decision.

If we do not prevail at the hearing then a bill for the balance of 25% will not be sent to you for final payment. You must go to the county website find out what is due. Select property taxes – then click search by and make a selection. For further information call your county Property Appraiser office or Tax Collector Office



Taxpayers who wish to pay their real estate taxes by making partial payments (an amount less than the full amount of taxes due) can do so by submitting a partial payment plan with the Tax Collector Office prior to the tax bill being mailed out in last week of October or 1st week in November. Once you agree or elect to participate in the periodic or partial payments plan, by making the first payment, you are required to continue participating in the program for the entire tax year. Your participation in this program waives your rights to receive applicable discounts granted by Florida Statute. Balance must be paid by March 31 to avoid delinquent status and applicable interest and fees that are added.


Homestead Exemption: Evedy property owner who owns a primary residence may apply for the Homestead Exemption under the The Save Our Homes Amendment. Upon approval of your Homestead Exemption application, you will benefit from a $50,000.00 exemption off of the Assessed Value leaving you with a lower Adjusted Taxable Value. (Contact your county Property Appraiser Office for more details on this program)

Disability Exemption: Any Florida resident who is both totally and permanetely disabled might qualify for this exemption. (Contact your county Property Appraiser Office for more details on this program)

Widow’s and Widower’s Exemption

Any Florida resident who is a widow/widower may claim the exemption. Upon remarriage, you are no longer eligible for the exemption. If you were divorced from the spouse prior to his/her death, you are not considered a widow/widower. (Contact your county Property Appraiser Office for more details on this program)

Disability and Service-Connected Exemptions (Ex-Service Members) If you are an ex-service member who was disabled (at least 10 percent) in war or by a service-related misfortune, you may be entitled to a special exemption on any property you own.

Also, any honorably discharged veteran with a service-connected, total, and permanent disability could qualify for an exemption. Under certain circumstances this benefit could also carry over to the surviving spouse. (Contact your county Property Appraiser Office for more details on this program)

Exemptions for the Permanently and Totally Disabled

If you are quadriplegic, paraplegic, hemiplegic, or other totally and permanently disabled individual who uses a wheelchair for mobility, or if you are legally blind, you may be exempt from taxation. (Contact your county Property Appraiser Office for more details on this program)

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REMEMBER: You pay nothing unless we obtain a property tax reduction on your behalf.